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78 VW Rabbit

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:20 am
Post subject: 78 VW Rabbit

http://Hyundai-SantaFe.autoboardz.com/78-VW-Rabbit-Starter-Working-Solenoid-ftopict199137.html (78 VW Rabbit Starter Not Working Solenoid Question)
The starter died on my 78 VW Rabbit Diesel. I replaced the bad starter with a rebuilt Autolite starter. When I engaged the starter, the starter motor spun, but did not make contact with the flywheel to turn the engine over. I replaced that starter with another new/rebuilt starter. Again, same p..
P.S. I cranked the engine by hand, and checked the flywheel. None of the teeth look damaged. Jeff
Check the operation of the starter solenoid by grounding the starter and ONLY supplying power to the small terminal on the solenoid. The starter drive should pop out. Maybe you should check the d..

http://Hyundai-SantaFe.autoboardz.com/78-VW-Rabbit-Diesel-Fuel-Injector-Timing-ftopict229530.html (78 VW Rabbit Diesel 1.5 Fuel Injector Timing Question)
I recently replaced the cylinder head, head gasket, timing belt, injector heat shields, timing belt, and tensioner on my 78 VW Rabbit Diesel. The car will start and idle, but has no torque, and lots of blue smoke, and dies when I pull the injector advance knob. I concluded that now that a new ti..

http://Hyundai-SantaFe.autoboardz.com/78-VW-Rabbit-Diesel-Cylinder-Head-Leaks-Oil-Coolant-ftopict229546.html (78 VW Rabbit Diesel New Cylinder Head Leaks Oil In Coolant)
I replaced the cylinder head, cylinder head bolts, timing belt, tensioner, and head gasket on my 78 VW Rabbit Diesel. It runs great, but now leaks a small quantity of oil into the coolant. I then replaced the head gasket (again), and applied the torque settings to the bolts as outlined in the Be..
Did you check the Head & Block for flatness? Most heads are lapped for flatness to prevent exactly what you are suggesting. And if your block has not been checked, it too could be out-of-flat. If yo..
did you clean out al the block head bolt holes? If not you may have cracked the block between the oil pressure feed and the head bolt near it. It was common on the early blocks to crack there even..
You cannot use an oversized gasket on a VW diesel. The thickness is selected based on piston height above the block surface to maintain valve piston clearance and proper compression. Unfortunatel..
BTDT. As far as headgasket thickness you are correct. But did I ever tell you about my 81 Hi-performance Dasher diesel? Among us techs it was a well know fact that the early diesel had problems st..

http://Hyundai-SantaFe.autoboardz.com/78-VW-Rabbit-Diesel-TIming-Belt-Injector-Timing-ftopict229595.html (78 VW Rabbit Diesel TIming Belt/Injector Timing Question)
I installed a rebuilt cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, timing belt, and tensioner on my 78 VW Diesel Rabbit. The car now idles, but does not have power, and stalls when accelerating. I double-checked the torque on the cylinder head bolts and belt timing - cam lines up using the special VW tool..
I assume you used the correct thickness head gasket. And the head was rebuilt correctly. The gasket thickness is identified by the number of notches in it. But I suspect you have to time the pump..
does it run better when you pull that cable out?
I installed a head gasket with four notches just like the original. The car smokes quite a bit when I step on it, but there is no power. I am confident the cam, crankshaft and injector pump are lin..
Jeff: The cable isn't a choke, although it serves a similar function. When you pull it out, you are actually advancing the injection timing around 5 degrees to give the fuel more time to burn in a ..

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